Saturday and Palm Sunday, April 4 & 5 UPDATE
Our church and church office are closed to the public. Our church staff will be working out of their homes until further notice.
“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”    Luke 19:38

1.  A Palm Sunday service and message from Pastor Ehlert is now available above.  This week (Holy Week) there will be online services for Maundy Thursday, our Good Friday 'Service of Darkness' and Easter Sunday. These will be available on this website and our church Facebook page.

2.  This evening (Palm Sunday), WELS President Mark Schroeder  will be delivering a brief message to the members of our synod in an online video broadcast. The message will be broadcast live at 6:00 p.m. (central). He invites you to access that message live online.  If you are not able to view the video when it is broadcast live, it will be archived online.

3.  We have received a brief email from former Beautiful Savior Pastor (and now President of Asia Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong) Steve Witte.  They are doing as well as possible and he adds: "But its Holy Week.  Our thanks and praise to our God from our heart can’t be stopped by a virus, as you know."

4. Our Synod's Northwestern Publishing House has made available a free, online edition of this month's "Forward in Christ" magazine. If you wish to view this free issue, please click on the link in the box below. It will take you to the NPH website, and will ask you to enter your name and an email address.

See the April issue of Forward in Christ!

To continue supporting your congregation in these times, we are offering free digital access to the Forward in Christ issues for March and April:

5.  Copies of the new Time of Grace devotion booklets are now available. If you would like a copy, please contact Mike Pfeifer at: to arrange getting you a copy.

There are additional resources being made available from our Synod. Please check these 'Updates' in the next several days to access them.

6.  Our Church Council has established special assistance funding to assist members who are now unemployed or are experiencing financial difficulties due to CoVid19.  Our Good Samaritan Ministry volunteers are serving as the contacts for this financial assistance.  We ask that you please fill out a brief form and submit it to them to receive assistance.  You will find the form by clicking on the "Resources" tab at the top of this home page, and then going to "Forms."  

You can then print the form, fill it in and mail it to:  Good Samaritan Ministry, 3563 Crocus Dr, De Pere, WI  54115


Print the form, fill it in, and scan or take a photo of it and email it to:


Call 920-676-2702 and provide the information to us over the phone.

7.  Additional free Sunday School lessons are available from our Synod's 316Now ministry, as well as from our Northwestern Publishing House.  You will find these free lessons and resources by clicking on the "Ministries" tab above and then going to "Child."

Our prayer request today comes from our Prayer Ministry coordinators, Jane and Tom Wiltzius:  "Today, I'm asking us to pray for those mentally and physically challenged and their caregivers, families, and support systems. In this upside down world, their lives have been turned to unbelievable chaos in which many of them are incapable of understanding, which causes fear, anxiety and other emotions that cause them additional stress."

 Holy Spirit, be with their caregivers and families and give them the Fruits of the Spirit in dealing with these  precious ones of God.  May the loving arms of the heavenly Father comfort these precious ones and bring them his peace.  In Jesus name, Amen.



Each weekend you will find a worship service and message on this site and our Facebook page.  Previous weeks' messages can be viewed by clicking on the "Sermons" tab above and then on "Church Service Recordings."

You will also find a Bible self-study from Pastor Ehlert by clicking on our "Ministries" tab above, and then going to "Adult."

Our pastors and ministry team continue to contact our members age 65 and older, as well as families with very young children. If you have not received a phone call, please contact us and let us know (920-676-2702).

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email, phone or text. You will find our contact information by clicking on the "About Us" tab above, and then click on either "Our Staff" or "Contact Us."  





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Some members have asked if they can still continue to support God's Kingdom work through a financial gift.   We are working with Vanco, a national service which works with thousands of churches and organizations in providing electronic giving alternatives. You will find a "button" at the bottom of this home page if you wish to make either a one-time donation, or if you wish to set up a recurring gift. If you have any questions with this new option, please contact us at our church office (499-7405) or email to:  Thank you.

  > For Confirmation students and parents: please follow this link to this week's Confirmation class video lesson from Vicar Pflughoeft!

 During these uncertain times, the staff and members of Beautiful Savior are concerned for you and all our members and families.  We will be posting these 'Updates' daily, to spiritually support and encourage you through these next weeks.

On our “Church Service Recordings” page you will find information and links to other WELS devotional sites, such as ‘Time of Grace.’

Please contact us at (920) 499-7405 or (920) 676-2702.  God be with you.


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